NewGen Mitigation

NewGen Mitigation

Direct Insurance Billing

Our team of professionally qualified adjusters have decades of experience. They are at the core of the direct insurance billing service we provide. Our service ensures that your insurance settlement adequately covers the loss resulting from water, mold, fire or smoke damage. 

Features of our Direct Insurance-Billing Service

  • Our adjusters ensure that damage to your home is accurately assessed and written up in reports to insurance companies.
  • The service minimizes the work and stress that you face after a water, fire or smoke loss in your home. 
  • We remain with you through every step of dealing with the insurance company.
  • Water remediation is billed directly to your insurance company while the restoration of your property is authorized by you.

NewGen Mitigation’s direct insurance-billing service is the first vital step in restoring your home back to its original condition after a water, mold, fire or smoke incident.