NewGen Mitigation

NewGen Mitigation

Fire & Smoke Damage

Thermal Testing

Inspection of damage caused by a fire is vital as exposure to high temperatures cause different changes in materials, appliances and can impact the structural integrity of a building. In a detailed evaluation, our technicians find the source of the fire, and test materials that may have been damaged by the heat produced. These tests allow us to find out whether materials have hardened or softened after a fire. We check whether appliances and rooms have to be repaired, or if they are safe to use after the removal of fire remnants.

Smoke Removal

After you have received permission from the fire department to enter your home or business, ventilating the space is the first step you can take to remove smoke. Calling us at this stage allows our adjusters to accurately assess damage and create insurance reports. Smoke removal by our technicians is done using the latest cleaning products and techniques. The efficient removal process ensures that damage resulting from smoke entering porous substances, such as wood, is kept to a minimum. 

Removal of fire remnants

The first task that our technicians do in the aftermath of a fire is drying out the space using the latest equipment and removing remnants. Mold starts growing within 48 hours, so we implement an effective dry out process to stop its growth.  When water hoses and sprinkler systems are used to fight a fire, the drying out process is vital. Our experts ensure that any loss is minimized. Removal of remnants such as soot, damaged floors, furniture and appliances also helps in identifying and dealing with structural problems.

Odor Control/Ozone Treatments

The smell of smoke never really goes away and can be quite an unpleasant experience. We sometimes use Ozone machines which generate O3, which adds an extra molecule to the oxygen environment in your space and the resulting reaction cleans out the residual odor you get from fire and smoke. Residents and pets cannot be permitted back until our experts deem it safe to return. There are different methods of odor control available and our advisors can suggest the best possible solution once they visit your premises.


Fires can cause considerable damage to your house or business, not to mention the loss of personal items. Our experts provide turnkey solutions that can help restore your property back to its original condition. We can help restore floorings, walls and drywall, paying specific attention to the detailing that your business/home had before the damage. We even help with moving and storing your furniture safely during the restoration process. Our advisors can help you become whole again without the stress of having to deal with multiple vendors.

Insurance Claims

We help you deal with all kinds of insurance claims, saving you the hassle of calling up the insurance companies and going back and forth with them on claims. We understand that damage to your house or business is so stressful and dealing with multiple people isn't what you would be looking for at a time of crisis. Our experienced adjusters can help you get started on your fire insurance claims to help cover the restoration process directly with your insurance company, minimizing the disruption in your life.

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